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Flammkuchen are an ideal light and delicious dish with countless variations. We offer you the finished tarte flambée dough . Our tarte flambée bases are lightly pre-baked, wafer-thin, made without yeast and of the highest quality. Simply cover the bases with fresh ingredients and bake in the oven for a few minutes until crispy. Thanks to the quick preparation, the Flammkuchen are ready to serve in a few minutes . You get an incomparable taste experience in premium quality. It's best to order it right here on Flammkuchen24.

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For an authentic tarte flambée result, the right tarte flambée oven is the be-all and end-all. With us you will find tarte flambée ovens in different designs, according to your needs. We offer ovens with one baking chamber as well as two or three chambers. The electric ovens are equipped with firebrick , so you get the best results. Simply cover the tarte flambée blank with fine ingredients and put it in the oven. After about 3-4 minutes, the tarte flambée is baked and ready to eat. In Alsace, the "Tarte Flambée" or "Flammkueche" is also often baked in a wood oven.

Flammkuchen accessories

At Flammkuchen24 you will find the necessary accessories for the easy preparation of delicious tarte flambée. We offer ingredients for the tarte flambée topping, as well as practical sets for beginners and professionals with preparation shelves, serving boards as well as spreaders and rolling knives. All important "little helpers" for the production of first-class fresh tarte flambée, or as they like to say in the Ortenau region, "tarte flambée". Fresh, thin tarte flambée, delicious toppings & bake properly! This is the perfect triad for authentic tarte flambée - Bon Apètit - just like in Alsace!


Bonjour mesdames et messieurs,

the art of baking tarte flambée is an old tradition. I am “Maître Flambée” and a third generation professional tarte flambée baker. Would you like to learn more about the history of the tarte flambée or do you need tips on how to make a perfectly authentic tarte flambée? I will let you in on the secrets of the tarte flambée.

Tarte flambée dough base

Tarte flambée dough base - Tarte flambée dough pieces - Order tarte flambée blanks like in Alsace here

Crispy tarte flambée fresh and steaming from the oven and served on a wooden board are a pleasure. There are now a large number of very good variations, starting from the typical Alsatian tarte flambée with bacon and onions to seasonal, vegetarian or even sweet alternatives. No matter how you or your guests like it best: the most important thing is a good base. With the best ingredients and rolled out thinly, it becomes crispy and a real pleasure.

Our premium dough bases are therefore made from regional ingredients. The flour used comes from Alsace, the place of origin of the tarte flambée. In a special, IFS-certified, manufacturing process in a ten-ton hot press, they are pressed extra thin. This makes them uniquely crisp and crispy, absolutely unmistakable and inimitable.

In addition, we have been supporting the slow food philosophy since 1993 and do not use any dyes, preservatives or other additives that require labeling . All of our dough bases are lactose-free and, according to the recipe, vegan. Our floors consist of exactly the ingredients that belong in it: flour, water, rapeseed oil and salt. Not more but also not less. Since no yeast is used, our tarte flambée bases are particularly light, digestible and especially popular in summer.

We only send fresh dough bases (not frozen) - packed in a protective atmosphere - with a shelf life of at least three to four weeks when shipped by refrigerated freight forwarder. Our tarte flambée bases can easily be frozen and stored frozen for up to a year. You can find the matching freezer bags with a snap closure in our shop.

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