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Buy an affordable Tarte Flambée oven

Whether for the restaurant trade or private use, the premium electric Tarte Flambée ovens from flammkuchen24 guarantee crispy and crunchy baking results after just a few minutes in the oven. You can choose from oven with one, or two chambers depending on your needs. Our Tarte Flambée oven will help you create the perfect Tarte Flambée: fresh out of the oven and perfectly cooked – as though it had come from the Alsace itself!

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Find the right Tarte Flambée oven model for your needs

Tarte flambée oven are available on the market in a range of shapes and different designs. The essential difference that can be drawn is between wood-burning ovens, electric ovens and gas ovens. We prefer electric ovens and therefore offer electronic Tarte Flambée oven in our online shop in various sizes.

Electric Tarte Flambée oven

An electric Tarte Flambée oven combines the advantages of other oven types. An electric oven is manageable and heats up to a high but consistent temperature quickly for cooking Tarte Flambée. By fitting a fire brick base and thanks to the separately adjustable upper and lower heating elements, a crispy and authentic Tarte Flambée can be cooked in just a few minutes.

Wood-burning Tarte Flambée oven

The first Tarte Flambées were cooked using the classic wood-burning oven. If you would like to prepare your Tarte Flambée in a wood-burning oven, you will need some very dry wood and something to light it like wood chips, BBQ lighter fluid or paper. Cooking with a wood-burning oven will give your Tarte Flambée a delicious smoked flavour. Do you already have a wood-burning oven? Our fire brick bases are ideally suited to use in this kind of oven.

Gas-powered Tarte Flambée oven

You can also use your gas oven to cook Tarte Flambée. However, it is not all that easy to find and maintain the correct temperature. In general, the most heat is found at the bottom of a gas oven. We therefore recommend placing the fire brick pizza stone in the lower part of the oven and bringing it up to temperature.